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Sometimes we feel that we need to do something to be disaster ready to keep in pace with the emerging threats day to day.
First common step is having a Back up. In many ways, a Backup is more of an insurance policy against something that may occur in the future, but with no definition of exactly what that may be. Backups are very basic step that every organisation should consider doing it.

Do know what exactly your backups should do ?
Backups should:

  • Protect against events such as disc corruption, human error and ransomware
  • Be easy to locate
  • Be reliable, allowing you to restore what you need, when you need it
  • Provide granular recovery – whole VMs, VM discs and individual folders and files
  • Typically be done daily

GFS Retention Policy
One of the most common policies, GFS, (Grandfather, Father, Son) is a tiered backup retention scheme based on a number of cycles, with the aim of enabling backup for several years, minimising the underlying storage space required.

  • Weekly Backups are known as Sons
  • Monthly Backups are known as Fathers
  • Yearly Backups are known as Grandfathers

Penta tip : Legal, medical and financial data, for example, needs to be kept for several years and may not be allowed to cross specific geographical boundaries.

Let us know if you need any help in planning your backup strategy for your organisation. Depending on the business model Penta can help you plan your backups avoiding data losses.
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